Welcome to The Fur Factor!
We are a small, home-based pet grooming salon operating in Toronto, Ontario.

With over 20 years of experience, we can offer breed specific grooms as well as customized ones. Our focus is on offering services to both dogs and/or cats in a low-stress environment. We prefer to bring in one pet at a time, so we can concentrate on their needs and tailor our services to their individual personalities. Some grooms may take a little longer than the standard time-frame, but we prefer to take it slow and let your furry friend know that being groomed is a pleasant and relaxing experience. We also aim to keep their time in a crate to a minimum, if it is necessary at all.
If you have a young, elderly, or frightened pet, this is the place for them!

We are located inside the Atomic Age Comics book store. In order to access the salon, please use the buzzer to the left of the door. Someone will come and let you in, if your grooming appointment is before store hours.
Meet our people!
My name is Adrienne, and I am the owner of The Fur Factor. I was born and raised in Montreal, and moved to Ontario in 2004. I am bilingual in both French and English. In addition to learning how to be a groomer, I have a diploma in Animal Care from Sheridan College, and have taken classes in pet first aid and positive reinforcement dog training. I love horses, as well as dogs and cats, and given the opportunity, I'd probably be living on a farm in the country, overrun with every type of fluffy critter I could manage to look after!

I opened The Fur Factor in 2008, shortly before becoming a mom to 2 wonderful children.